Deeply Nourished

63 million people in America suffer from chronic constipation, and more and more children are among them (according to the work of Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride).  We have to ask, what is going on here?

Here are the top 3 contributors to constipation (and the inherent remedies for each)

  1.  De-hydration.  We may think that increasing our water intake is enough.  However, intestines that are lined with residue and undigested food are cut off from fluids and start to become acidic and inflamed.  Irritable bowel syndrome, Chron’s Disease and Leaky Gut Syndrome are a few names for this condition.  Increasing fiber can scrub the sensitive intestinal walls and further the irritation.   Ayurvedic medicine has a name for this residue, Ama. We can gently detoxify Ama from the intestines and other organs until they are tonified and supported to full function.  Then water and health are absorbed more efficiently into our deeper tissues.
  2. Poor Food Combining.  Fresh foods that we consume have a synergy of enzymes that respond to carbohydrates differently than to proteins.  Also, time of day and time of year need to be taken into account, along with our particular constitution.  Once we learn the basics of seasonal eating, food preparation and pairing is a joy as our energy levels rise.
  3. Body Posture.  We are a culture who sits at desks, sits while driving, or sits in front of a computer screen.  I have noticed that a child will feel an urge to go to the bathroom, but waits to relieve herself until the task or game they are are playing is complete.  Screen-time draws our attention away from our natural functions.  Likewise, slouching over our guts can prolapse the pelvic floor and close down digestive channels.  Aging and gravity ask us to be proactive in creating a balanced, strong posture which is lifted and spacious for our digestion to work properly.

Spring is the perfect time for change!  And we have 2 unparalleled programs and opportunities to suit your schedule this April combining Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, The Science of Life.

Deeply Nourished 28 Day Group Program meets Tuesdays in April at 5:30 to 7pm          Develop new habits and patterns with time-testing wisdom!                                                (Week I Strengthen, Week II Ignite, Week III Sustain, Week IV Claim)

AND…  a 1/2 day Immersion …

Digestive Fire Radiant Mind : Gut Health and Happiness through Eating and Science        Saturday April 8th, 10am to 2pm.  Discussion & Practices w/ Ayurvedic Farm to Table Lunch