Fall Yoga, Rebirthing Breathwork, and Sound Healing Retreat

Retreat with us!  September 22-24

Join us for a rich and rejuvenating 3 days and 2 nights at Elohee Retreat Center with Ananda Bologna, Ashby Underwood, and Flournoy Holmes.  See details for registration here:


The Elohee Center at Landsong is being created to provide a retreat space in Nature to allow for self-exploration, individual growth, and mind/body healing. It is a place where Earth and Air, Fire and Water nurture wisdom both ancient and new. This endeavor has expanded to include extended family and an ever-widening circle of friends who have not only joined us in its creation, but have enjoyed the transforming, healing power of the land on which it sits.  Elohee ( EL-oh-HEE ) is a Cherokee word meaning “earth place.”

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