Ashby Underwood

Ashby UnderwoodAshby Underwood-Garner believes in living yoga.  Her skillful teaching is a powerful blend of deep listening to her students and an ever-growing understanding of the scope of yoga.   In 1998 after three years of daily practice, she traveled to Pokhara, Nepal and spent a month immersed in yogic lifestyle at the Himalayan Sadhana Yoga Ashram.  In 1999, her path led her to an additional month-long 200hr intensive at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in the Catskill Mountains in New York, the largest school of yoga worldwide, to become a Certified Yoga Teacher.  The next year she graduated under Don Scheumann at the Atlanta School of Massage from a 720hr program in Integrated Deep Tissue Massage.  In 2002, Ashby began her study under the mastership of David Davis, Thomas Myers, Neal Powers, and apprenticeship with Buddy Frank, to become a Certified Rolf Practitioner (1000+ hours).  Ashby’s yoga teaching is profoundly informed by her understanding of human anatomy and experience as a bodyworker.

In her yoga career of 18 years, Ashby’s devotion to yoga has inspired a growing yoga community in the mountains and the southeast which celebrates yogic living, sincere practice, and diversity.  She offers classical yoga classes, seasonal workshops, cleansing, and private yoga therapy for all ages from a place of activated personal growth and empowerment.  She is an honored member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists at the 3000hr practical level. Yoga Highlands is the thriving practice of Ashby and her husband, Chad Garner. Along with their two sons, they live in the headwaters, or bhagavati, of the pristine and wild Chattooga River.

Diane Levine

Diane-LevineYoga enhances YOU…..It lets your light shine brighter by practicing.  We practice to be strong in our bodies, flexible in our minds in order to find ease in these bodies of ours.  I received my Hatha Yoga certification in 2008.  My underlying principles of alignment are inspired by the Iyengar system and I acknowledge the teachings of Sivananda to be a foundation of yoga in the west.  I am registered with Yoga Alliance and have completed 500 hours of requirements for Anusara training.  I keep the practice fresh and creative through my continuing involvement with Yoga Journal Conferences and my current training with the Baron Baptist program.    Enjoy your journey into inner peace.

Chad Garner

Chad-GarnerChad’s vision for watching and helping people move has been a passion and an occupation for sixteen years. Chad became familiar with Yoga in 1994 through the twelve postures of Sivananda Yoga. After attending the Atlanta School of Massage’s 720 Hour Integrated Deep Tissue Program in 1999, Chad continued in-depth anatomy study in a human dissection course focused specifically on the myofascial system of the body. Chad also studied childhood development and movement  in 2000 while training to become a practitoner of Structural Integration.  In 2001, Chad further deepened his understanding of Yoga, its history, its scope, and therapeutic movement with Allen Pittman www.apittman.com.  The study of graceful movement through the developmental stages of life- from embryo to child to adolescent to adult- is the cornerstone of his practice. He is dedicated to lifestyle balance through his personal yoga practice and teaches with grounded authenticity. Chad offers expert guidance of myofascial and postural balance to his students.


“Yoga is the experience of knowing that you are the life force that sustains you. Building, maintaining and growing a practice is the best way to tap into the upwelling of energy and brilliance within.” Having recently completed her Teacher Training Immersion at Sivananda Vedanta Ashram, RYT 200, Rachel’s classes are ripe with traditional practices and ancient knowledge. Rachel instructs classes and private sessions with a focus on deep relaxation and connection with the breath. She is actively pursuing holistic studies through the arts, organic farming, outdoor education, healthy cooking and community organization from her new home in Scaly Mountain, NC.

Monette ChilsonMonette0149en2

Monette Chilson has lived her yoga on and off the mat for more than twenty years, dedicating her own practice and her teaching to sustaining the connections made in a yoga class in life-changing ways. Her personal practice incorporates many yoga paths including Iyengar, Kundalini and Vinyasa. She has taught in settings as diverse as churches, schools, festivals, yoga studios, women’s retreats and bookstores. She delights in seeing people realize they can be yoga rather than do yoga.
Author of Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga, she writes and speaks about the melding of faith and yoga and about the feminine face of God. She has written for publications including Yoga Journal, Integral Yoga Magazine and Elephant Journal and has contributed to numerous anthologies, most recently Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess and  Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak. She was awarded an Illumination Book Award gold medal, as well as the Hoffer Small Press and First Horizon Awards. Yogi, supermodel and maternal health advocate Christy Turlington called Sophia Rising, “a must-read for all women.” Monette lives three seasons in Houston with her husband and two children and summers with them at their home in Highlands. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram (@MonetteChilson) or explore her work at www.SophiaRisingYoga.com.



Here’s what Certified Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Maggie Cohen www.maggiecohenyoga.com, has to say about her time here at Yoga Highlands:

“My time working with Ashby was invaluable and unquantifiable. I assisted her with daily tasks, studio management and event planning and, in exchange, I received mentorship for my own yoga practice and instruction. 

“This position gave me insight into the details of a studio, such as fair pricing, class times, instructor and studio insurance, and client accessibility. I gained self-worth and confidence as a blossoming instructor.

“Ashby and I modeled a healthy professional relationship and, in addition, I read books about ethics and boundaries in bodywork, which I have carried into my work since. Yoga Highlands serves as a rare example of an ethical fusion of yoga, bodywork and food justice, and I am honored to have been a part of it.”